A root canal dental procedure or endodontic treatment involves treating injuries or infections to the dental pulp. Root canal treatment is recommended when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed.

There are several reasons a root canal may be necessary such as deep decay, fracture, broken tooth or a crown that is failing. If the tooth is left untreated the infection can spread throughout the body. Most patients experience throbbing pain often keeping them up at night when a tooth has become infected.

During the root canal procedure your dentist at Dentistry at Rea Village will clean the canal of the tooth with special instruments. The canal is filled with a material resembling rubber. Throughout the root canal the tooth is numb with local anesthetic. The procedure may feel similar to having a dental filling completed. After the root canal procedure is complete in almost all cases the tooth will need a permanent restoration called a crown.

Here at Dentistry at Rea Village we understand a root canal procedure may seem intimidating and that’s why we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your recommended dental procedure.

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