Dental crowns and bridges provide restoration with both functionality and esthetically pleasing results. Dental crowns commonly referred to as caps cover the outer shell of the tooth. Crowns help provide strength and stability to a broken down tooth or to one that has completed root canal treatment.

Crowns may be recommended when a large portion of the tooth has chipped or broken off.  Caps are also necessary to replace a failed filling that incorporated a larger area of the tooth as well. When a large portion of a tooth has broken off a filling will not withstand the force of biting, chewing and grinding placed on our dentition.

Dental bridges are just as they sound, used as bridge to connect adjacent teeth. Dental bridges are a great restorative option to replace an area where a tooth is missing. If a dental implant is not achievable or if the adjacent teeth have larger restorations your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. These bridges will not only assist in your ability to chew food properly but will also stop crowding and movement of the surrounding teeth.

  • Dr. Irvine has always exceeded my expectations for her outstanding dental work.  Her knowledge of dentistry assures that I am receiving the best dentistry each visit. She always takes the time to answer all of my questions and explains each treatment option so that I can understand.

    Andy G.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Moran for 8 years now. All of my family now goes there. Before I had insurance I had some bad experiences with dentists in other parts of town. I was really surprised by the quality of care that I receive in my visits there whenever I get cleanings or need work done. Everyone is very friendly and I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
    A. Spenaski

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