Ice & Your Teeth, Not a Good Mix

In the hot summer heat taking that last sip of refreshing cold water can send us into a frenzy and may have us turning to what we think is the last resort.. chewing on the leftover ice. But what many people don’t realize is that chewing on ice is an unhealthy choice when it comes to your dental health. When it comes to ice, remember it was meant to chill not chew.

At Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC we know that everyone has bad habits. A lot of these not so good habits tend to have a strong effect on our health, which includes our dental health. Both Dr. Moran and Dr. Irvine have seen a large number of patients throughout their combined 30 years in the dental field who have had the habit of chewing on ice. At each dental hygiene visit, we see the evidence of this dental habit. So, we decided it was time to get you on track and save yourself money, time and tooth structure. In fact, ice can actually cause fractures in your tooth structure and will get larger over time. The evidence can be noticeable by both you and your dental professionals.

If you have amalgam fillings or large older silver fillings, then chewing on ice can have severe effects which include your tooth breaking. This will result in dental treatments such as a crown or even a more elaborate treatment.

Dentistry at Rea Village wants to give you a few suggestions on how to kick the ice to the curb. A helpful suggestion is to try sugar-free gum or gum that contains Xylitol. We always recommend that our patients try and stay away from any hard, stick sugar filled candy. One way to keep you on the road to healthy dental habits includes daily flossing, brushing two times a day and stay away from any high sugar content.

It’s time to say goodbye to chewing on ice, in the long run, it just might end up saving your tooth! Give us a call, Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC is happy to provide you with recommendations of great dental habits to get you on the road towards a life of amazing oral health

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