Is Dental Fear Real?

There are people in the world who become terrified, sick and panic-stricken at the thought of going for a dental checkup. The condition is known as dental fear. Though the terms anxiety and phobia have been used to describe it, the two are different. The former is based on unfounded fears and is less severe. A phobia is an intense dread or fear.

Dental Fear is Real

The good news is that most people suffer from this condition. Hence something is being done about it. In America alone, almost 15% of the population is estimated to dread appointments with dentists. This sample represents about 40 million people.


The obvious symptoms of dental phobia are:
• Nervousness while at the dentist’s waiting room
• Clenching of teeth while entering the dental office
• Difficulty in breathing when the tools are in the mouth

Other unsettling feelings and thoughts may also indicate the existence of phobia.


Dental fear apparently leads to the neglect of dental hygiene. Dental cavities, gum diseases, early tooth loss and colored teeth are some of the possible results. Colored teeth may cause an extreme loss of self-esteem. Such will substantially affect the social and professional life of an individual.

What Doctors Say

Doctors understand that dental phobia is often the result of one or more of these:
• Past negative experience
• Fear of pain
• A feeling of helplessness
• Embarrassment: To some people, the mouth is so intimate to let someone else look at it.

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