The 3 Leading Causes Of TMJ Disorders And How To Prevent Them

TMJ disorders are usually associated with a clicking sound of the jaw every time you yawn or chew. The temporomandibular joint is responsible for jaw movement. When you have problems with your TMJ, eating, talking and chewing can be very painful and uncomfortable. Dentistry at Rea Village is available to access any issues surrounding the TMJ and may be able to refer you for further treatment.
What are TMJ disorders?
It is a myofascial pain or discomfort in the muscles that control jaw movement. It mainly occurs when there is an internal misalignment of the joint associated with a protruding disc, a dislocated jaw or trauma to the condyle.  The causes and progression of this disorder are not clear, but symptoms can get worse or pass with time. In some patients, it can cause long time discomfort and unbearable pain.
Causes of TMJ
Scientists still don’t know the real cause of this condition, and since it’s more common in women than men, several types of research are being done to ascertain the relationship between female hormones with this condition.
Some of the most common cause of TMJ disorders are:
•    Bulging discs – this is also known as disc protrusion. It happens when the disc erodes and bulges out.
•    Arthritis – it damages the cartilage of the joint making jaw movement difficult and painful.
•    Trauma or injury to the joint.
•    Stress and poor posture that causes a lot of strain on the head and neck muscles.
How to prevent TMJ disorders
Depending on the cause of your condition, your doctor may recommend simple preventive measures that would help alleviate the symptoms or multiple treatment options in more severe cases. To prevent TMJ disorders from worsening, you could:
•    Gently exercise and exercise your jaw muscles to increase joint movement. Your therapist should recommend the best physical therapy that suits your particular case.
•    Relax and avoid stress.
•    Avoid extreme jaw movements.
•    Do posture exercises to help your neck muscles relax.
Since the real cause of TMJ disorders is not known, finding the right treatment can be difficult. The self care methods above could help alleviate the discomfort. Schedule your routine visit with Dentistry at Rea Village by calling 704.846.1401.

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