Teeth Whitening Options

When it comes to teeth whitening there are several options available. Finding the best option that suits your needs is one you can make with the assistance of your dental provider. Dentistry at Rea Village has two options for dental whitening options available to our patients.

We have just recently began offering Zoom!® Whitening to our patients. This type of whitening service is preferred by patients that are wanting an immediate result. Impressions will be taken for your at home whitening trays. After an examination to make sure you are an ideal candidate one of our dental team members will prep you for the whitening treatment. The treatment itself takes approximately 1 hour. The teeth are isolated and 4 15 minute whitening applications are done. During this time, you can relax, listen to music or browse through a magazine. Our team members make sure you are comfortable during this time. After the whitening session if time has allowed we will have your take home whitening trays ready for you. In the case we are unable to complete your whitening trays that day we will call you to pick up your trays as soon as they are done being fabricated. It’s important to remember your post treatment instructions to ensure the best results.

For those patients who want a more gradual whitening approach take home custom trays are a great teeth whitening option. These trays are custom fabricated by one of our team members. They will provide you with instructions for the best whitening results. It is recommended to have your dental cleaning prior to initial whitening as your hygienist will remove stains and allow the teeth to have the best whitening results. With take home custom whitening trays more control is given to the patient. After a few days of whitening if you are satisfied with your whitening results you can stop whitening and occasionally whiten your teeth again.

Are you interested in whitening your teeth? Schedule your consult with Dentistry at Rea Village by calling 704.846.1401. Our caring dentists are happy to discuss your whitening options with you at your appointment.

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