Fluoride and Adults

One of our core values at Dentistry at Rea Village is standing firm in our belief for preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry is important for every age. Dentistry at Rea Village offers fluoride treatment for both children and adults.

Why would an adult receive fluoride treatment?

Studies have now shown that even after the tooth has fully developed fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral and when exposed to teeth is absorbed through the enamel. The enamel is the first place where tooth decay begins. Fluoride helps disburse calcium and phosphorous that make your teeth strong.

Did you know one of the main side effects from many medications is dry mouth? Without sufficient amounts of saliva to help wash away food particles you are at an increased rate for tooth decay.

Fluoride is also recommended when:

• You are in orthodontic treatment (braces are on the teeth)

• You have gum recession (your gums have pulled away from teeth exposing the roots of your teeth)

• If you have had radiation therapy to the head or neck

While fluoride treatments are available in several forms, at Dentistry at Rea Village we recommend topical fluoride. If you feel like you or your family may have an increased risk for tooth decay discuss the need for fluoride treatment with one of our caring dentists. We are happy to answer any questions including the recommended age to begin fluoride treatment and look forward to provide care to the community. Learn more about our office by calling 704.846.1401.

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