When Your Dentist Says You Need A Crown

A dental crown is a very common dental procedure recommended for many patients. When your dentist says you need a crown what does it mean & why might you have been recommended that treatment?

A dental crown commonly referred to as a “cap” helps restore a tooth to a functioning shape, size or natural looking appearance. You may have recommended the treatment if you have a cavity, a broken tooth, a crack in the tooth, or a tooth that has had root canal treatment. This restorative treatment not only provides function and strength to the tooth but also can make the tooth or smile more pleasing to the eye.

A dental crown procedure is commonly a two-step process. Typically, patients have the first appointment where the tooth is prepped, an impression for the lab is made, and the patient leaves with a temporary crown. You would then return to the office in typically 10 – 14 days to have the permanent crown placed. Dentistry at Rea Village offers dental crowns and also same day dentistry. Our Cerec Dentistry services can allow for same day dentistry to let you get back to the things that matter most!

So, when your dentist says you need a crown first understand why the treatment was recommended. It’s ok to ask questions and usually your dental provider can also show you the reasoning with intraoral photos or your dental xray. Make sure you understand the dos and don’ts while you have a temporary crown and don’t forget to schedule your appointment to have your permanent crown cemented.

Dental crowns are effective dental treatments. If you think you may need a crown or are looking for a dental provider call our office today 704-846-1401.

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