CEREC Dentistry vs. Traditional Crowns

Crowns are recommended for various reasons in the dental office. They are a great dental restoration consisting of several different materials. These materials include porcelain-fused-to-metal, all ceramic and resin. Read more to find out some of the differences between a traditional dental crown and CEREC.

What is a crown & why might one be recommended from Dentistry at Rea Village?

• To cover an implant
• To cover a broken tooth
• To replace a large filling that has fractures or cannot be replaced with another filling
• As an anchor tooth in a bridge

What is CEREC dentistry?

CEREC crowns have one distinct advantage and that is the ability for same day dentistry. These crowns are made of a single block of resin or ceramic materials. CEREC crowns are very strong and look just like a natural tooth to the average person. Using a CAD software system, the CEREC crown is constructed in the office while the patient waits. Many patients prefer a CEREC constructed crown for the simple reason they do not have to wear a temporary crown and make a second visit to the office to have their permanent crown cemented in.

What types of traditional crowns are offered?

• All metal
• Porcelain fused to metal
• All ceramic/porcelain
• Resin

Crowns are recommended for many reasons and the type of crown preferred by your dentist will vary. Several factors go into treatment planning a specific crown type. Dentistry at Rea Village is proud to offer same day dentistry to their patients with the use of the CEREC system.

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