CEREC Technology

Dentistry at Rea Village is proud to offer the CEREC dental system as an advanced technology service to our patients. CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. This advanced technology allows for single visits for dental treatment.

Do you avoid going to the dentist? Do you dislike having impressions made and multiple injections? You are like most dental patients, which is why the CEREC technology may be a great option for you. The CEREC advanced technology system produces metal free using 3D technology and CAD/CAM for producing an only, inlay, bridge or crown. What makes this technology so powerful is that the restoration is created while you wait in the chair.

How Does It Work?

After the area to be treated is ready for a restoration to be place such as a filling the area is photographed. The CEREC machinery uses advanced technology to produce a 3D image. Your treating dentist then completes the design of the restoration digitally. The restoration is then milled right in the dental office! When the restoration is complete the dentist then bonds the restoration to the tooth.

Using the CEREC technology allows Dentistry at Rea Village to provide dental treatment that would have otherwise required multiple appointments. What a great benefit for the patient to be able to receive great treatment in one appointment.

Schedule your consult today with Dentistry at Rea Village to learn more about our same day dental treatment services. Call 704-846-1401 located in Charlotte, NC we look forward to providing dental care for you and your family.

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