Dental Cleanings, Why They Are A Must

Dental cleanings and dental exams are typically performed twice a year unless a patient has periodontal disease. The importance of regular dental cleanings and exams has evidence behind it to support your overall health.

Dental cleanings not only remove plaque, debris and tartar above the gum line the cleaning also disrupts bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease. Plaque and debris left on a tooth leads to tooth decay. While your home care is vital do your dental health the truth is you just can’t clean as thoroughly as a licensed dental hygienist. Not only is it important to remove plaque but also tartar or calculus left on a tooth causes gum issues. Tartar is removed by a skilled dental hygienist, left attached to a tooth can lead to periodontal disease.

During your regular scheduled dental cleaning visit the doctor also performs an oral examination. The dentist is checking for dental decay, the health of your gums & screening for oral cancer. Should an issue arise with any of these early detection is key. A small cavity detected and treated early helps to save the integrity of tooth, time in the dental chair and unforeseen finances.

If you are pregnant, diabetic or have a history of periodontal disease in your family make sure to stay on schedule for your dental cleanings. Talk with your dental hygienist about extra importance of top dental health for you. Don’t put off your dental cleanings, it’s a small investment that is important for your health.

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