The Truth About Tooth Loss

Tooth loss affects many people all over the world every day. There are several reasons why tooth loss occurs including decay, periodontal disease, congenital absence and trauma. Dentistry at Rea Village provides treatment to restore smiles affected by tooth loss, but we also like to inform our patients of the causes of tooth loss.

The goal for all dentists is to try to preserve teeth and eliminate tooth loss if and when possible. The cases where tooth loss is preventable are often associated with decay and periodontal disease. Dental decay can spread like wild fire. A once small cavity left untreated can result in a large cavity in some cases unable to be saved. A tooth with large decay can also become so severely infected it does not respond to a root canal and antibiotic treatment. Decay is soft and unable to give support and structure to the tooth. At Dentistry at Rea Village patients may present with decay that has caused the tooth to fracture resulting in the need for extractions or removal of tooth.

Not only does dental decay lead to tooth loss but periodontal disease also referred to as gum disease left untreated results in tooth loss. With the progression of periodontal disease loss of the bone and supporting structures around the tooth occurs giving mobility to what once was a strong tooth. With the progression of the disease and the increased mobility of the tooth the likelihood of loss of the tooth increases.
Dentistry at Rea Village believes strongly in the intervention early on of dental issues to help ensure the longevity of great dental health. We also believe in informing our patients. When you understand the progression of periodontal disease and the steps to restoring dental issues early on the success for optimal dental health is increased.

While tooth loss is not the best news for many patients we are happy to provide dental services to restore smiles and confidence. Schedule your dental exam with Dentistry at Rea Village today.

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