A Beautiful Smile Without Traditional Braces


Have you heard about ClearCorrect™? Our patients are raving about the results without the hassle of metal wires and brackets, ClearCorrect™ is a clear and easy way to straighten your teeth. ClearCorrect™ gives your smile a boost of confidence with its lack of visibility. Achieving your ideal smile is effortless, and since your aligners are able to be removed it allows you to properly care for your teeth as well as eat your favorite foods without the worry of popping a bracket.

While every individual may not be an ideal candidate for ClearCorrect™ our providing dentists at Dentistry at Rea Village are able to evaluate you to see if you are! Many patients are choosing ClearCorrect™ as their orthodontic route to save time and hide their treatment. While traditional braces due still serve a purpose, many of our adult patients opt to not have metal brackets and wires.

Not having metal brackets and wires eliminates several appointments due to broken brackets and loose wires? Metal brackets and wires can also take some time to get used to! The busy business professional and the mom on the go understands the importance of every minute and not having to spend extra time on these appointments in valuable.

Are you considering clear aligners to help straighten your teeth? Call Dentistry at Rea Village located on Providence Road in Charlotte, NC today to schedule your consult 704.846.1401. Our caring and professional team will schedule you at our next available appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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