What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on improving the presentation of your mouth, teeth, and even your smile. Some cases of treatment for cosmetic dentistry provide restorative benefits. Although some of the most common procedures done in cosmetic dentistry are quite simple, other procedures can be more complex requiring specialized care.
If you’re looking for a cosmetic procedure and want to learn more about the process, we may have what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn more about a selection of cosmetic procedures that are given in your local dental office.

Dental Implants
After tooth loss, there is a fear of never having something to take the place of the missing tooth again. Luckily we have the answer, it’s called a dental implant. The procedure begins by the dentist inserting a tiny titanium screw into the jaw where the missing tooth used to be. This screw acts as the support for the crown. Implants are almost identical to a natural tooth, and once the bone and tissue combine with the implant, it’s in place and secured.

When dentures come to mind, what do you think of? When we think of the word dentures, we think of a custom-made substitute for missing teeth. The difference between implants and dentures are that implants are permanent and dentures can be removed and placed back into your mouth. Although dentures take some acclimating, and will never feel exactly like natural teeth, they’ve come a long way! Today’s artificial teeth look more natural and are more comfortable.

Repairing a Chipped/Broken Tooth
Realizing your tooth is broken or chipped is stressful and worrisome, if you find yourself in this situation we highly recommend visiting with your dentist as soon as you can. Your treatment will depend on how severe the damage may be. If you have a slight break, usually the repair can occur in only one office visit. But, a major break and highly damaged tooth may require a more drawn out and pricier procedure. If you do not treat your broken tooth, it can be further damaged and possibly cause an infection and you may even end up losing your tooth.
If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry procedure, it’s important that you find a cosmetic dentist who offers the procedure of interest. Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC offers a selection of cosmetic procedures. Call us or your local dentist office to help provide for your needs and keep your pearly whites healthy and protected.

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