Same Day Dentistry! CEREC

Have you ever had that feeling of dread when you bite into something and hear an unsettling crunch? You know you’ve broken a tooth, and worry about just how long it will take to get it fixed. You’ve heard that it can take two dental appointments and several weeks to get a crown, while the dentist waits for a dental lab to make your new tooth. With the daily struggle between work and family life, who wants to wait that long or have to take off multiple days off work? Dentistry at Rea Village is proud to offer same day dentistry with the use of CEREC dentistry to our patients!

That’s why our office invested time and money into the equipment and training necessary to offer CEREC single-visit crowns to our patients. Ceramic REConstruction means that our dental practice can produce metal-free dental restorations to match your smile in just one visit.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology, an advanced computer program that acts as a dental restoration tool, so you don’t have to worry about dreading the mess and discomfort of traditional crown placement. No more choking or gagging on dental trays while an impression is made of your teeth. When you come to us with a broken or damaged tooth, we perform a thorough examination and then create a 3D optical impression of your mouth. After that, we use patented CEREC technology to design and mill a precise ceramic restoration right in our office.

As a patient, you experience many benefits from this one-visit approach to dental restorations. CEREC allows dentists to preserve more of your original tooth structure, which means less drilling for you. No temporary crowns are required, because we can take you from diagnosis to restoration in one office visit.

Patients say they love the results, too. Natural tooth-colored porcelain materials are used to create your restoration so it matches your natural coloring as closely as possible.

There is no mess, less discomfort, and no long wait time with CEREC, and you get amazing results, too. Technology is changing the way we provide dental services. If you experience a broken tooth, or are thinking of replacing a cracked or damaged tooth, contact our office today and ask whether a CEREC same day dentistry visit is right for you 704-846-1401.

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