Dental Care For The Entire Family

It’s a common myth that baby teeth don’t matter. In fact they have a pretty important role! Dentistry at Rea Village offers routine dental care for the entire family because we know just how important every tooth is no matter your age.

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month brings the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of routine dental care & great home care for children. Primary teeth often referred to as baby teeth have a purpose. These teeth act as place holders for the permanent teeth following behind them. If lost too early the permanent teeth can come in misaligned. Baby teeth just like adult teeth help with chewing and speech.

Thousands of school hours are lost each year due to tooth issues. Children experiencing tooth pain have a hard time concentrating. Just like tooth pain for adults an infected baby tooth can cause severe pain & discomfort for your child. It is recommended for children to have at least 2 dental cleanings and exams a year. You can find out more about dental health recommendations for your child at More Information Here

Dentistry at Rea Village has convenient morning hours so you can have your child back to school. Family matters to us at Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC. Schedule your dental care for your entire family at our experienced & caring dental office in Charlotte, NC.

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