Need a root canal, don’t panic

There was a time when the word root canal caused panic with patients. With the advancement of the dental world and materials root canals have become a routine procedure.

Do you think you may need a root canal or has a dentist treatment planned a root canal? If so you are not alone. Root canal treatments are done saving teeth and smiles every day. Dentistry at Rea Village offers root canal treatment as a valuable service for their patients.

Why you might need this treatment

This treatment is necessary when the tissue surrounding the root canal becomes infected or inflamed. This may be caused from a crack or chip, large or deep decay, or even trauma. Sometimes the patient reports not feeling any pain associated with the tooth. It is very common for a small abscess to form along the gum line to the adjacent affected tooth.

Antibiotics may be prescribed prior to the treatment. A dental infection is not to be taken lightly. The infection needs to be treated as it may spread throughout the body.

During the procedure, the root canal is cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material. The area is filled with a temporary filling and often times the tooth is taken out of occlusion. After a root canal treatment, it is important to understand the tooth will need a crown in a few weeks to follow. As the main blood supply and support has been removed during the cleaning of the root canal the tooth is brittle and not strong enough to stand the force of occlusion. Your dentist will recommend a crown typically to be completed in 10 – 14 days following the root canal.

Every effort is made at Dentistry at Rea Village to make sure our patients are comfortable during their dental procedures. Root canals are done every day so if you need a root canal don’t panic you are in great hands.

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