Dental Health as You Age

As we age our dental health needs will change. The importance of great home care and routine dental exams and cleanings are a necessity in making sure issues are addressed early on. One of our commitments to our patients at Dentistry at Rea Village is provide education in the best home care for great dental health.

Many individuals use prescription medications for medical reasons prescribed by their doctor. While the medications are a necessity for many it is important to understand how the can affect your dental health. A common side effect for medications is dry mouth. Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but it can lead to tooth decay. Saliva is needed to help remove food and debris from the teeth. If you are suffering from dry mouth discuss some over the counter options with your dental hygienists.

As we age the risk for periodontal or gum disease increases as well. Sometimes the results of past neglect are seen much later. It’s ok, we are here to get your oral health back on track. While periodontal disease is not reversible it can be maintained. If you are a care giver for an elder, it is important that they have routine dental care.

Your oral health is important to your overall health. Make sure you have seen your dentist for a routine cleaning and exam at least twice a year. Here at Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC we look forward to providing great dental care for your entire family.

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