Tips For Great Oral Health With Braces

Having straight teeth is an achievable goal for many patients. Everyone wants a straight & bright beautiful smile. One thing that is important while receiving orthodontic treatment is making sure your teeth and braces, wires, etc. stay as clean as possible.

We know it can seem like a huge task, but with our tips we are sure you can handle keeping your braces clean.

– Try an electric toothbrush. Many of our patients agree with our dental hygienists on how thorough of a cleaning an electric toothbrush does around your brackets.
– Make sure you have good lighting and a mirror when brushing and flossing. It takes time and the ability to see the wires and brackets to make sure you are cleaning properly.
– Dental floss threaders may be your new best friend. Floss threaders allow you to floss with braces. You simply thread the floss under the wire and floss like normal. Along with floss threaders, superfloss is a great dental product for flossing with braces.
– Allow extra time. It takes a little bit longer to floss and brush properly with braces.
– Regular dental cleanings and exams. Dental hygienists are licensed and trained to provide great dental cleanings. Keeping up with your dental appointments is very important.

Making sure your dental health is optimal during orthodontic treatment is very important. Keeping your teeth and braces clean helps to ensure great results when you complete your treatment. We look forward to providing dental care to you and your family at Dentistry at Rea Village.

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