Wisdom Teeth Why & When to Have Them Removed

Almost everyone has them and most people have them removed. Yes, we are talking about wisdom teeth. One of the common questions we receive here at Dentistry at Rea Village is why and when should wisdom teeth be removed?

A general rule of thumb for the best age for wisdom teeth removal is right before or during college years. This is the time before wisdom teeth roots are fully developed. Typically prior to this age is not recommended.The root is not fully developed along with many at this age still receiving orthodontic treatments. We encourage our patients to complete their orthodontic treatment & soon after receive wisdom teeth removal if necessary. This helps to prevent shifting or crowding of the teeth as wisdom teeth can push on adjacent teeth as they try to erupt.

Why should you have your wisdom teeth removed?

Many times wisdom teeth are impacted or below the gum line. This can cause gum issues along with possible decay on adjacent teeth. If the wisdom tooth is pushing on an adjacent tooth decay is likely. This means not only problems for the wisdom tooth but also other teeth. Gum infections can arise from partially erupted wisdom teeth along with decay. Wisdom teeth tend to be more difficult to keep properly clean for most patients. If a patient is unable to clean properly around a single wisdom tooth or one that does not tooth a tooth in an opposing arch, extraction may be recommended.

Summer, spring & Christmas break allow time for patients to receive wisdom teeth removal treatments and have time to properly heal. If wisdom teeth extractions are recommended it is best to allow 3-4 days of recovery. Schedule your consult today to see if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

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