Dental habits kick the ice

Ice was made to chill not chew.

We know at Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC that we all have bad habits. Most of these not so great habits can have a strong effect on our health including our dental health. Being in the dental field for a combined 30 years both Dr. Moran and Dr. Irvine have seen a large number of patients who chew on ice as a dental habit.

Chewing on ice in no way is good for your dental health but seems to be a common dental habit that is causing havoc on patient’s teeth. We see the evidence of this dental habit at each dental hygiene visit. So, we decided it was time you get on track and save yourself both time, money and tooth structure! Ice can cause fractures in the tooth structure. These fractures can and will get larger over time. The evidence can be seen by dental professionals and even yourself.

Chipping of the biting edge of the tooth can also occur from chewing on ice. If you have large older silver or amalgam fillings chewing on ice can have serious effects. These effects can include breaking of the tooth resulting in dental treatment such as a crown or more involved treatment.

What other dental habits can you do besides chewing on ice?

Dentistry at Rea Village has a few suggestions for you to consider besides the habit of chewing on ice. We suggest sugar free gum or gum that contains Xylitol. Either of these are a much better choice for dental habits. We always recommend for our patients to stay away from hard, stick sugar filled candy. Great dental habits include daily flossing, brushing 2 x’s a day and avoiding high sugar content.

Try to break the dental habit of chewing on ice, it just might save your tooth! Give us a call to schedule your dental visit with Dentistry at Rea Village in Charlotte, NC. We are happy to provide you with recommendations of great dental habits for a life of amazing oral health.

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