Handling a small dental issue from the start

We know every time you go to the dentist you cross your fingers the dentist tells you that you are cavity free. Some individuals are more prone to dental decay.

Research has proven that genetics, home care, routine dental care, diet and lifestyle all play a role in your overall oral health condition. At Dentistry at Rea Village we understand that dental fear, time and cost all determine when most patients decide to handle their dental needs.

Understand how handling a dental need from the start instead of prolonging the issue is better for your wallet and your mouth. Cavities don’t magically fix themselves instead the grow larger over time. As a dental professional we can not determine how fast a cavity will grow or how long you have before you must address the issue. This seems to be a common question for all dentists and we believe it’s not fair to guess on such an important issue.

Prolonging a small cavity that has been treatment planned for a small tooth colored filling should not be put off. As decay is present on any tooth it continues to thrive growing larger and deeper all the time. The rate at which it grows can not be determined. A small filling has minimal effect on the integrity of a tooth surface as opposed to a crown. If a small cavity is left untreated in 6 months or a year the surface area of the cavity can and more than likely will be much larger.

What does this mean to you?

This means this once small filling has now encompassed more tooth structure and time in the dental chair. A small filling may not be the need if the dental issue is prolonged. Left untreated you may need further treatment including a crown. While sometimes the words “small filling” does not put importance on our agenda the truth is it should.

Save yourself time, money and most importantly tooth structure by addressing all dental issues as soon as possible. At Dentistry at Rea Village we strive to make your dental appointments as comfortable as possible and we promise to try our best to accommodate your schedule.

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