Routine Dental Care Why It Matters

Routine dental care plays a major role in your dental health. Dentistry at Rea  Village conveniently  located in Charlotte, NC takes routine dental care seriously and we want our patients to understand the importance.

What is routine dental care?

Routine dental care is preventative dentistry including your dental cleanings, periodontal maintenance, x-rays, oral cancer screenings and your dental exams provided by your dental provider. Each of these pieces of your dental care helps to increase your optimal dental health. Dental cleanings are recommended at a minimum of twice a year. During your dental cleaning your qualified dental hygienist will exam your gum tissue, perform your dental cleaning and if needed take your dental x-rays.

Our digital dental x-rays assist in detecting cavities between adjacent teeth. These x-rays can also reveal an infection at the base of the root of a tooth or a cyst that is hidden. Digital x-rays also allow our office to communicate with referring dentists in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Should the need arise to send your x-rays to a referring dentists we are able to email your digital x-rays to assist in your dental needs.

Routine dental care allows for early detection of caries also known as cavities. Early detection of dental caries allows your dental provider the ability to treat the cavity before more extensive treatment is necessary. Early detection and treatment can preserve the integrity of the tooth. Preservation of the tooth is a top priority to dental treatment at Dentistry at Rea Village.

Have you put off your routine dental care? We are here to help you get back on track. Routine dental care is a necessity for your dental health. Call our office today to schedule your routine dental care visit.

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